14 Music Genres that Rocked the World

I have included a bonus list of possible music genres. Use it giving characters unique musical tastes.

I have an eclectic music taste, listening to as ride range as possible. I think limiting yourself to only a few genres means you withhold all the beautiful music the world has to offer.

I think musical taste works in unison with personality, but some people will be contrary to this rule. However, the boy with the Mohican is very likely to be a punk rocker, showing off just how original he is conforming to stereotypes.

People’s fashion style usually matches up to their idols, and idol infatuation begins in childhood, so we see many people mimicking pop and movie stars. We decide many things in adolescence. Fashion and music choices are just a couple.

·         Dance - Drum & Bass, IDM, Dub-Step
·         Electronic - House, Techno, Electro
·         Hip-Hop - Rap, Grime, Garage
·         Rock - Punk, Alternative, Surf
·         Easy Listening - Chill-Out, Acoustic, Ambient
·         Soul - Motown, Blues, Rhythm & Blues
·         Jazz - Acid, Freeform, Funk
·         Folk - Country, Blues, Bluegrass
·         Pop - Boyband, Girlband, Solo
·         Reggae - Ska, Dub
·         Experimental - Progressive, Fusion
·         Traditional - Religious, Comedy, Ballroom, Waltz, Tango
·         Classical - Baroque, Renaissance, Orchestral, Romantic, Contemporary
·         World - African, Caribbean, Latin, Asian, Aboriginal

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Jim M