Top 15 Russian Authors of All Time!

In Mother Russia, books read you! Welcome to my list of the best Russian writers through history. This beautiful country, also known as the Soviet Union and USSR has a rich literary claim within the world. They are pioneering in many changes to classic science fiction as well as having many master short stories writers.

Добро пожаловать российских читателей . Это мои любимые писатели вашей стране. Каковы ваши?

'Welcome Russian readers. These are my favourite writers from your country. What are yours?'

1.         A Pushkin - Ruslan & Ludmila - 1820
This is a classical ballad and masterpiece of Russian literature.

2.         Nikolai Gogol - Evenings on a Farm near Dikanka - 1931
The first collection of eight short stories from a Russian literary legend.

3.         Ivan Turgenev - Rudin - 1857
An idealistic but pointless man is coupled with a strong woman.

4.         Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace - 1869
Russian life during the French invasion and the Napoleonic Wars in told in this epic tale.

5.         Maxim Gorky - Mother - 1906
This spins the story of the radicalisation of an uneducated woman.

6.         Mikhail Bulgakov - White Guard - 1926
The aftermath of warfare takes its toll during the Russian Revolution. 1/3

7.         Mikhail Sholokhov - Quietly Flows the Don - 1928
This 4-piece epic tells the tale of Don Cossacks through WWI, the Russian Revolution, and Civil War.

8.         Ayn Rand - We Are Living - 1936
The aftermath of warfare takes its toll during the Russian Revolution. 2/3

9.         Ivan Yefremov - Land of the Foam - 1946
An early historical fiction piece the classic Russian science fiction author.

10.    Fyodor Dostoyevsky - Poor Folk - 1946
A view of the poorer classes told through a series of letters.

11.    Issac Asimov - I, Robot - 1950
The iconic laws of robotics are told in this pioneering science fiction story.

12.    Boris Pasternak - Dr. Zhivago - 1957
The aftermath of warfare takes its toll during the Russian Revolution. 3/3

13.    Victor Grossman - Life & Fate - 1959
WW2, told through Soviet Russian eyes.

14.    Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich - 1962
A detainee in a Stalin led labour camp struggles for dignity against the communist oppressors in this horrific portrayal of human suffering.

15.    Victor Pelevin - Omon Ra - 1992
A man is enrolled into the Soviet Space program but gets worried about its clear inadequacies.


Happy Reading!