Architecture for Fantasy Fiction

In fantasy worldbuilding, you need obvious differences between created cultures. There are many ways to give cultures differences in their infrastructure. You can give them their own building types, giving each realm unique stylings.

Cultures need buildings for different reasons like sleep, worship, work, play and much more. Some structures may not have rooms at all like monuments.

When planning scenes, it’s good knowing exactly where they take place, what characters can see, what sounds are heard, smells smelt and more. These are a few simple ways of making buildings physically different.

·         Materials - Mud, Straw, Wood, Stone, Brick, Glass, Metal
·         Roof - Flat, Pyramid, Cone
·         Outer Wall - Circle, Oval, Triangle, Square, Rectangle, Irregular
·         Features - Doors, Windows, Gargoyles, Pillars
·         Size - Buildings drastically vary in size and new ones keep being built so I cannot give an accurate range for sizes. Gravity will play a factor of fantasy worlds.

The Home Interior (Rooms & Furniture)
Important architectural factors in worldbuilding are what average homes look like as well as what businesses are common. This lists generic common rooms and furniture. You can make your own types. Think about what your cultures do lots of and assign the activity its own room. Cicero said a house isn’t a home without a library.

·         Bedroom - Bed, Wardrobe, Table
·         Kitchen - Oven, Kettle, Dishwasher
·         Bathroom - Bath, Shower, Toilet, Sink
·         Lounge - Sofa, Television, Radio
·         Study - Desk, Computer, Phone
·         Attic - Decorations, Photo Albums

Happy Creations!