How to Become a Psychic Astrologer!

Astronomies estranged and deranged cousin, astrology, often masquerades as scientific, but this isn’t true. However, you can use it, giving depth to constructed cultures belief systems, when world building in fantasy fiction.

So, yes, yes, surprise, surprise, I don’t believe in astrology, but it has uses. The creation of the twelve archetypes is good for simple character creation.

There are thirteen, or fourteen constellations earth moves through, which is why I don’t believe. Everyone forgets poor old, Ophiuchus and Cetus.

You will have different signs if your stories are set on alien planets. They have different constellations, as they see different stars from Earth. I use fourteen in my stories. 

I enjoy pseudoscience, as it has strange affects. When people believe in them - they start becoming true! Such is their belief that they are willing to conform, fitting the shape presented to them.

Humanity always looked to the stars for answers. It is, quite understandably, because much is unknown. When things are unknown, people construct stories to explain the mysterious. This is where mythology, legends and many religions derived from.

People never consider reading another person’s horoscopes, but they are as accurate. It’s a bunch of arbitrary, meaningless words. Your brain fits them into situations in your life, so you start believing.

I wanted to tackle astrology in a scientific way, to test its claims. I compiled adjective word lists for each sign, from many horoscope websites. When researching, I got lots of information that contradicted each other because, as I suspected, it is non-science, nonsense.

I removed contradictory elements for simplification. I wanted the truest traits left for each sign. For example, some sites said Taurus’s are selfless and selfish. I guess they meant they have the best of both worlds.

In addition, every sign is apparently intuitive and adaptable. Astrology sells itself on the fact that people can change. Rarely would astrologists say ‘give up, you were born into this sign, you cannot change’, but this is what they effectively say by defining signs!

It was not easy filtering though the ridiculous things plaguing astrology sites. When you look for meaning in unscientific topics, you get erratic results.

Nevertheless, I persevered with the project. When finished, my results surprised me. They correlated to something else I read. They followed archetypes from personality disorders used in modern medical science.

I realise this may be me, forcing astrology into a shape it does not fit into. Sort of like astrology itself, forcing people into shapes. They were surprisingly accurate though. I love science.

Another twist of fate, I do identify with my sign, Sagittarius, more than the rest. There is always a one in twelve chance astrology will be right. About one in twelve people believe astrology. What does that say? About one in twelve people have a recurring mental disorder. What does that say?

It’s a shame people believe it. Astrology is wasteful when people can use their mind to pursue actual scientific endeavours. Instead, they believe lies and lead the possibility of having deceit bog them down.  

It’s your choice to believe in astrology, although I admit this is a scathing review. I listed the signs below if you want pigeonhole yourself, leading lives of perceived predictability. Don’t take this as an actual view of human psychology. Astrologists (and psychics (and I)) are nothing but charlatans. I made this for fun.

Note that PT stands for personality trait and PD stands for personality disorder. The traits come from the big-five-trait-theory.

Star Signs
1.   Aquarius - Water - We Love - 20/01 to 18/02
·         PT: Closed
·         PD: Avoidant
2.   Pisces - Fish - We Serve - 19/02 to 18/03
·         PT: Neurotic
·         PD: Paranoid
3.   Aries - Ram - ‘The Big’ I Am - 21/3 to 20/4
·         PT: Disagreeable
·         PD: Antisocial
4.   Taurus - Bull - I Have - 21/4 to 20/5
·         PT: Rational
·         PD: Anankastic
5.   Gemini - Twin - I Think - 21/05 to 21/06
·         PT: Honest - (From Hexaco PT model - Not Big 5)
·         PD: Dependant
6.   Cancer - Crab - I Feel - 22/06 to 22/07
·         PT: Agreeable
·         PD: Masochistic
7.   Leo - Lion - I Love - 23/07 to 22/08
·         PT: Extraverted
·         PD: Narcissistic
8.   Virgo - Virgin - I Serve - 23/08 to 22/09
·         PT: Careless
·         PD: Histrionic
9.   Libra - Scales - We Are - 23/09 to 22/10
·         PT: Conscientious
·         PD: Schizoid
10.                Scorpio - Scorpion - We Have - 23/10 to 21/11
·         PT: Emotional - (From Hexaco PT model - Not Big 5)
·         PD: Borderline
11.                Sagittarius - Archer - We Think - 22/11 to 20/12
·         PT: Open
·         PD: Depressive
12.                Capricorn - Goat - We Achieve - 21/12 to 19/1
·         PT: Introverted
·         PD: Schizotypal

After researching astrology, I learnt how it’s used, and how it works. It has good and bad uses.

There are tricks astrologists employ to convince people they are genuine. Some claim it’s real. They may delude themselves into believing, or are naive enough to think they have a gift.

One trick used is the Forer effect, or Barnum statements. They are general sentences that sound personal, but apply to many.

There is another technique, rainbow ruses. They are contradictory statements that apply to everyone. Everyone has the capacity to be happy vs. sad, outgoing vs. shy and others. People always focus on what applies and discard the rest.

This lists twenty-six statements. Try figuring out which are rainbow ruses and which are Barnum statements, and whether they apply to you. Test them on friends and family and pretend you are psychic.

1.           You are confident at things you are good at, but trying new things can be nerve-wracking as you find comfort in familiarity.
2.           You always feel good after trying new things, and breaking your routine, as you know that you become restricted and depressed without variety.
3.           You can be too self-critical, but expect the same from others as you do yourself.
4.           You want people to like you, but not at the expense of changing whom you are. You know your unique personality defines you.
5.           You know you have flaws, fears and weaknesses, but have addressed them, adapted, and found ways for you to be able to conquer them.
6.           You have integrity, but occasionally let people get the better of you for the sake of an easier life.
7.           Though you can admit you were in the wrong too, you still feel betrayed by a close friend, so are reluctant to allow many people into your inner circle. Despite this, you consider yourself popular but have few close friends.
8.           You had an accident when you were younger which caused a small fading scar on your right leg.
9.           You have secret goals that you think are unrealistic, but justify keeping them to have things to aim for.
10.        You are free-spirited and creative, but respect rules.
11.        You can be shy around new people, but when you are in your element, you are capable of being the centre of attention.
12.        Though you know that it holds you back, you tend to over think things, but know that letting go of the past means you can progress.
13.        You do not always accept what others say as fact, as you trust your own intuition
14.        You are a considerate, kind and happy person but can be selfish, angry and depressed when someone breaks your trust.
15.        You often over think things as you tend to be very conscious of your own emotions.
16.        You are normally positive, but sometimes emotions can get on top of you.
17.        You have a collection of unsorted photographs stored away as you are worried you will lose your memories.
18.        You put on a brave face to others, but are quite an insecure person.
19.        You enjoy being popular, but worry people may like you for the wrong reason.
20.        You have your own set of strict value and are upset when people do not adhere to them.
21.        You occasionally have memorable dreams about flying, but when you have nightmares, the worst ones are you drowning.
22.        You have untapped potential that you are desperate to unlock. You know that eventually you will receive recognition for your passion.
23.        You crave being noticed by someone you care for, but are wary of showing off or causing a scene.
24.        Before and after making decisions, you always play out alternate scenarios of hypothetical futures and often indulge in daydreaming fantasies.
25.        You have had a problem with a colleague you cannot deal with alone but are afraid of seeking help.
26.        A family member tragically passed away because on an illness which had a profound effect on you. You used to be sad when thinking about them but now it makes you smile.

Happy Creations!