Create Colossal Characters: 13 Classes

You can create many different types of fantasy characters jobs. Who knows what industries you can concoct for cultures? Most will take inspiration from fields on Earth, but if may think of niches non-existent jobs. Explore those.

There are some considerations about designing new technologies. Industries may be any of any type. They might focus on products, science, services or anything.

Think about the fact you cannot create technologies without two things – previous technology and demand. All inventions are born off the back off others, and success needs buyers.

Scientific discoveries can have adverse affects on religions, philosophies and society. Evolutionary theory disproved creation. Jupiter’s moons showed the earth was not the centre of all rotations. Chemical theory disproved the four elements. The bomb needs no explanation.

Technological advancement can create new industries. Take steam engines for example. They were originally for mining. They became more useful with the invention of the rotary engine, which mills and trains use. They then become more efficient with the invention of the condenser, and safer with the invention of the valve.

You may want to research character archetypes when deciding their jobs. Some stories will focus on particular businesses, and every character has the same job. If that is the case, look at the power struggle and social hierarchy that lies within. There will be more jobs than I have listed, but this means you will never struggle for ideas.

1.   Agriculture/Mining
-      Farmer, Hunter, Fisherperson, Slaughterer
-      Tree-Surgeon, Forrester, Lumberjack, Gardener, Harvester, Forager
2.   Food
-      Pub/Restaurant - Cook/Chef, Waiter, Barperson, Maitre D
-      Meat - Butcher, Fishmonger
-      Non/Meat - Baker, Chocolatier
3.   Manufacturing/Production - Metal, Chemical, Wood/Paper, Rubber, Plastic, Gas, Water, Electricity, Oil, Glass, Pottery, Stone, Clothing (Textiles, Fur, Leather)
4.   Health
-      Doctor - Consultant, GP, Surgeon, Psychologist
-      Carer - Nurse, Midwife, Paramedic
-      Pharmaceuticals- Pharmacist, Chemist,
-      Animals - Vet, Groomer, Zoologist
-      Alternate - Yoga, Chiropractor, Hypnotherapist, Hydrotherapist, Aromatherapist, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist
5.   Scientist
-      Mathematician, Physicist, Geologist, Biologist
6.   Construction - Electrician, Painter, Builder, Carpenter, Joiner, Welder, Smith, Craftsperson, Labourer, Decorator, Designer, Architect, Surveyor, Planner
7.   Business
-      Finance - Analyst, Broker, Agent, Insurer
-      Retail - Sales, Marketing, PR
-      ICT - Software, Hardware, Computing
8.   Travel/Logistics
-      Rail - Train, Tram
-      Road - Bus, Car, Van, Motorbike, Bike, Truck, Coach, Taxi, Rickshaw, Limousine
-      Water - Sailor, Captain
-      Air - Plane, Helicopter
-      Steward, Controller, Warden, Cabin Crew, Baggage Handler
9.   Service
-      Retail - Guide, Vendor, Cashier
-      Beauty - Hairdresser, Stylist, Make-Up, Dresser, Masseuse
-      Sanitation - Cleaner, Collector, Sweep
-      Charity - Volunteer, Aid, Fundraiser
-      Assistant - Administrator, Clerk, Secretary, Receptionist
10.                Recreation
-      Culture - Librarian, Curator
-      Art - Painter, Animator, Illustrator, Photographer
-      Performance - Actor, Dancer, Director, Producer
-      Writing - Author, Journalist, Comedian, Editor
-      Fashion - Model, Jeweller, Tailor
-      Fitness - Coach, Physio, Dietician, Trainer, Instructor
-      Music - Hundreds of instruments 
-      Athlete - Hundreds of sports 
11.                Protection
-      Uniform - Fire, Army, Coastguard, Navy, Air Force, Soldier, Marine, Sergeant, Major
-      Police - Detective, Constable, Officer, Support, Forensic, Criminologist,
-      Law - Judge, Lawyer, Barrister, Warden
-      Hired - Security, Bouncer, Doorperson
12.                Leaders - Aristocracy, Government, Religious, Manager & Teaching - Various Levels and Specialties
13.                Misc

-      Patient, Student, Juror, Killer, Addict, Thief, Tramp, Drifter, Addict, Prisoner, Passenger, Witness

Happy Creations!

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