Politics for Fantasy Fiction: Government, Tax & Services

There are many government types. In fantasy writing, it’s good exploring unfamiliar political methods. These are some options when world building.  

Autarchy - A single entity, that may, or may not, employ others to assist leadership.
Oligarchy - Groups of people run things. They can include the rich, nobility, military leaders, certain races, sexes or anything else of your choosing.
Theocracy - In this government type, perceived deities rule society.
Democracy - Citizens having voting rights on leaders or laws define democracy. Some citizens may still not get the vote. Historical examples include criminals, the mentally ill, women and homosexuals. Being restricted from democracy can cause people to rise up, overthrowing government or forcing through inclusive changes.
Monarchy - A royal family rules, but can delegate tasks to loyal subjects.
None - Do people need governing when society works without one?

You may decide on how citizens can choose their leaders. Here are some options.

·         Family - Each family head is a leader.
·         Voting - Votes denote leaders, but are prone to rigging.
·         Council - Committees choose leaders.
·         God - Divine means decide leadership.
·         War - Conquest victors receive the glories of battle.
·         Social - A reformation of government forces new leaders to power.
·         Game - A winner of a challenge such as mental or athletic can be leader.
·         Random - A random selection decides the leader.
·         Hereditary - One family will always rule.
·         Choice - With a lack of an heir, a ruler can choose a successor.

This gives a good scope of the political spectrum. I have given names to some to describe their policies, but some will be familiar.

The colours used are deliberate. They reflect parties across our world, although America confuses the red and blue.

Left & Right Parties, From Extreme to Moderate
Orange Revolutionary vs. Brown Nazi
Red Communist vs. Black Fascist
Pink Liberal vs. Blue Conservative

Issue Parties
Yellow Antiroyalist vs. Purple Royal
Bronze Non-Believer vs. Gold Religious
Silver Charitable vs. Green Environmental
White Neutral

After deciding your governmental focus, you can explore what taxation stances they take. The function of government is to take money via tax, and redistribute it to other areas that are needed i.e. services.

There are many types of taxation imposed on citizens. You can write your own history for why they are in place. Here are some examples, but you may think of more that are suited to your fantasy worlds. This isn’t a complete list. Taxes from country to country vary. 

From Citizens
·         Income - From Pay
·         Health - From Pay
·         Pension - From Pay
·         Inheritance - From Deceased
·         Travel - From Foreigners
·         Wealth - From Rich
·         Gambling - From Stakes

From Companies
·         Expatriation - From Ex-Nationals
·         Corporate - From Profits
·         Unemployment - From Companies
·         Bank - From Money Lenders
·         Tariff - From Importers
·         Environment - From Polluters

From Companies & Citizens
·         Property - From Landowners
·         Stamp - From Transfers
·         Capital - From Profits
·         VAT- From Purchases
·         Poll - From Population Count
·         Road - From Drivers
·         Inflation - From Money Holders

Would your world citizens stand for taxation without receiving some kind of benefits? Perhaps your citizens can plan revolts after government oppression.

·         Post - Delivery
·         News - Coverage
·         TV - Broadcaster
·         Radio - Broadcaster
·         Phone - Provider
·         Internet - Supplier

Power Supply
·         Gas - Free or charged
·         Electric - Free or charged
·         Water - Free or charged

·         Library - Buildings, Books, Staff
·         Education - Buildings, Books, Staff

·         Aqueduct - For water
·         Canal - For water
·         Sewers - For waste
·         Baths - For cleanliness

·         Health - Free or charged
·         Social - Housing for needy
·         Unemployment - Paid when out of work
·         Pension - Paid to citizens over certain ages

·         Castle/Forts/Walls - For defence
·         Courts - For justice
·         Police - Patrol and investigation
·         Fire - For protection for fire, and rescuing cats from trees
·         Ambulance - For protection
·         Coast Guard - For protection at sea
·         Military - For protection overseas
·         Monarchy - For buildings and salary
 ·        Church - For buildings, salary and charity

·         Mill - For food production
·         Mines - For resource collection
·         Transport - For buses, trains
·         Port - For overseas travel
·         Stadiums - For national sports
·         Theatre - For national productions
·         Observatory - For astrological knowledge
·         Beautification - For parks, fountains
·         Town-Planning - For events, festivals, paving

Happy Creations!

Jim M