Fashion for Fantasy Fiction

Mens fashion isn’t my forte. I admit that. I uniformly wear Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Dickeys and Levi’s without question.

Still, I know thinking about your fantasy races clothing options gives great texture when worldbuilding. Consider the climate citizens endure, and the fibres and technology available when writing.

Authors don’t often feature fashion and clothing options in stories. I think it adds another dimensions to fictional characters like nothing else can.

You can make fashion a symbolism tool. Favourite colours are great at giving characters immediate personality. People generally hold the same views about colour means to them. Red is angry, blue is calm, et cetera.

Inspiration may come from a particular historical time, or location, from Earth. You can link cultures fashion sense to art styles. Even music may affect fashions. 

You can make alien cultures iconic, simply by inventing new wedding attire, or make cultures wear a special suit on their birthday. Wink. 

Think of scenarios requiring clothing changes. Would soldiers, surgeons and sailors wear the same? All jobs have uniforms set in our minds. Minor tweaks make them personalised to your planet.

You can force fashion choice unto your citizens, through religions, political or social reasons. This doesn’t mean they have to follow the rules though. Rebels are great characters. This lists some basic clothing materials and types.

·         Animal - Hair, Fur, Wool, Skin, Silk
·         Plants - Hemp, Cotton
·         Synthetic - Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex
·         Other - Asbestos, Glass, Metals
·         Simple - Nude, Kilt, Loincloth, Toga, Poncho, Kimono, Cloak, Cape
·         Top - Hats, Glasses, Scarves, Ties
·         Upper - Shirts, Jackets, Jumpers, Coats, Vests, Bras, Corsets, Gloves
·         Lower - Trousers, Belts, Skirts, Shorts, Belts, Underwear
·         Bottom - Shoes, Socks

·         Accessories - Watches, Necklaces, Rings

Happy Creations!

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Jim M