Create Colossal Characters: Appearance

When writing novels, you want each character to stick out from the rest. Make them look as unique as possible. Achieve this by varying their features.

I listed possible simple, detailed variations for character appearance manufacture. There are billions of combinations, just as there are billions of people. A simple tweak, by giving characters earrings, can be all the difference needed.

I find it helps thinking about appearance in terms of the variables you find on computer games that allow character creation. I laid out this section in that style.

If you write one sentence that is specialised for each characters body features then your book is going to be fantastically in-depth. A paragraph would be better.

Happy Creations!

Jim M

The average height of an adult human varies vastly. They can be anything from the following scale: -
·         Range - 60 cm - 240 cm
There have even been people who have been born outside of the scale but the average is - 160 cm

Adult human weight varies vastly. Just look at this scale. There have even been people who have lived outside of the scale.
·         Range5 kg – 600 kg
The average human weight for developed nations is 80 kg. Alien cultures will differ.

The main feature of someone is his or her head and face. It’s because when we converse, we look at faces most, with clothing generally covering bodies.
There are some simple geometric shapes I use getting ideas for picturing characters body parts.

·         Shape - Circle, Oval, Heart, Pyramid, Cone, Rectangle, Square, Diamond

Size - Large, Average, Small
Wrinkles - Yes, No

If characters are bald, there won’t be much hairstyle going on. I don’t know many actual hairstyles, but choosing between these examples will differentiate your characters.

Length - Long, Average, Short
Scarcity - Full, Average, Thin
Thickness - Course, Average, Fine
Maintenance - Greasy, Dirty, Clean
Type - Straight, Curly, Frizzy

The most frequent hair colours are the following: -
·         Red/Ginger, Yellow/Blonde, Brown/Brunette, Black or None/Bald

Your characters may dye their hair to whatever colour they choose. They could even have snakes for hair. Be inventive.

Discussing skin colour makes me feel uneasy. Here are the examples of skin colour I used in my Kimu worlds.

·         Pink, Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Olive

Because of contact lenses, characters can have any eye colour they desire, even symbols such as dollar signs. Keep things true to your world.

·         Common - Brown, Blue, Green
·         Others - White, Black, Grey, Amber, Hazel, Yellow, Purple, Violet, Pink, Red

The main feature of someone’s face is the eyes, as they seem to hold so much. This particular advice comes from makeup studies.

Centred - Close, Average, Wide
Size - Big, Average, Small
Slant Upward, Straight, Downward
Lashes - Long, Average, Short
Setting - Deep, Average, Protruding
Hood - Yes, No

Hoods are flaps of skin hanging over the eye. Generally, hoods happen with older people. Use hoods to suggest signs of aging. They are frequent with people in their sixties.

Your character could also wear glasses and make up. They may have crow’s feet, long or short eyelashes, or be susceptible to black eyes.

Width - Wide, Average, Small
Length - Stubby, Average, Long
Bridge - Straight, Flat
Tip - Up, Straight, Down
Nostrils - Large, Average, Small
Kink - Left, Centre, Right

Size - Large, Average, Small
Top - Triangle, Circle, Square
Lobe - Yes, No

Dimples - Yes, No
Freckles - Yes, No
Coloured - Yes, No

Shape - Square, Triangle, Circle

Shape - Square, Triangle, Circle
Bump - Yes, No
Double - Yes, No

Children have 20 teeth. Adults have 32, unless they have dental problems.

Extractions - Yes, No
Fillings - Yes (Gold, Silver, Wood etc), No
Braces - Yes, No

Thickness - Thin/Pursed, Average, Full
Size - Wide, Average, Narrow
Edges - Up, Down, Straight

Build - Obese, Overweight, Average, Underweight, Light
Figure - Built, Athletic, Normal, Slender, Skinny
Skin - Hairy, Smooth, Greasy
Neck - Broad, Average or Skinny
Shoulders - Broad, Average, Skinny
Back - Hairy, Smooth, Greasy
Hips - Flat, Triangle, Circle
Buttocks - Flat, Circle
Stomach - Flat, Circle
Arm - Long, Average, Short
Hand - Large, Average, Small
Finger/Nails - Amount & Size: Large, Average, Small
Legs - Long, Average, Short
Feet - Large, Average, Small
Toe/Nails - Amount & Size: Large, Average, Small

Piercings - Yes, No
Tattoos - Yes, No
Implants - Yes, No
Burns - Yes, No
Scars - Yes, No
Make-up - Yes, No

Paint - Yes, No