Climate for Fantasy Fiction

When deciding climates of fantasy planets, they follow a formula to some degree, but vary drastically. The formula is for climate zones, but planets will never follow the strict divisions. There will be a smooth transition. Different cultures and species will develop in different areas.

There is a margin of error in the data shown. This is purposeful. The figures can never be exact. This is a rough sci-fi inspiration guide. It shows, from north to south, your world’s climate zone divisions.

Tropical Third
Equator - This is the midpoint between the hemispheres. It is where humanity and many other creatures evolved.
Rainforest - 11% - The jungle territory will be hot and wet all year.
Monsoon - 11% - The monsoon season affects this zone.
Savannas - 11% - The deserts have a long dry season, and short wet season.

Temperate Third
All of the temperate thirds zones have muggy summers, but can grow plentiful crops and trees. The winter weather defines each different section of the temperate third.

Subtropical/Mediterranean - 17% - Will have warm winters.
Marine - 11% - Will have mild winters.
Taiga - 6% - Will have cold winters.

Frozen Third
Tundra/Caps - 33% - No trees grow here, but you find many mosses. Tundra’s have permafrost and frozen ground.
Pole - The northernmost or southernmost points on the planet are the poles. They may be difficult or impossible to explore if weather conditions are severe.

In my Cana and Kimu worlds, I tried mimicking Earth’s seasons, but made them stricter for predictability. I have bolded my fantasy names for them.

Remember, the closer to the poles and the equator you get, the less obvious season changes will be.

1.    Prevernal - Early Spring - Birth - Winds kick start spring by spreading seeds.
2.    Vernal - Spring - Life - Plants begin to grow again.
3.    Estival - High Summer - Air - Continued growth in plants.
4.    Serotinal - Late Summer - Fire - This is the hottest point in the year.
5.    Varsha - Monsoon - Water - Varsha comes from Hindi, as there is no western equivalent. The rain pours after summer.
6.    Autumnal - The Fall - Ground - I am not a fan of the Americanism, ‘fall’. It is the autumn!

7.    Hibernal - Winter - Death - This is the coldest point in the year.

Happy Creations!

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