Create Colossal Characters: 54 Conflicts

When creating characters, make sure each one has problems to face. Give them combinations of conflicts confined to the smallest period possible in their lives. This will be their story.

You have control over the story, so can do anything. When you give characters dramatic lives, there will be a myriad of scene options to extrapolate. Creating plots will become easy. This is a great way of making stories thrilling.

Happy Creations!

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Jim M

A - Problem - Characters faces a problem from the below list.
B - Failure - Problem knocks Character back.
C - Guidance - Character needs assistance, which, when worthy, they receive.
A - Characters face problem, armed with new guidance, love or friendship.
B - Success - Character succeeds.
C - Reward - Character rewarded.

A - Birth - Character born or reacts to birth.
B - Death - Character dies or reacts to death.
C - Resurrection - Character resurrects or reacts to resurrection.
A - Regrets - Conflict with memories or historic events.
B - Present - Provocation by current affairs.
C - Worries - Worried about the future.
A - Youth - Conflict with youth.
B - Peers - Conflict with own generation.
C - Aged - Conflicted with the aged.
A - Firsts - Character starts new job, school or activity.
B - New - Character buys new home or objects.
C - Lasts - Character finishes job, school or activity. Sacked, retired, redundant, suspended, expelled, barred or banned can be reasons.
A - Wealth - Character has monetary challenges.
B - Standing - Character struggles with class system.
C - Health - Character segregated due to illness.
A - Skin - Character has problem with colour.
B - Body - Character bullied for weight, size, hair et cetera.
C - Deformity - Character ostracised for disfigurement.
A - Sexuality - Characters sexuality threatened.
B - Language - Character faces language or accent barrier.
C - Nationality - Characters identity threatened.
A - Faith - Characters faith challenged.
B - Beliefs - Characters beliefs tested.
C - Race - Character faces racial problems.
A - Family - Character conflicted with family.
B - Friends - Character conflicted with allies.
C - Enemies - Conflict with enemies.
A - True - Character conflicted with romantic interest.
B - Unrequited - Character conflicted with unrequited love.
C - Temptation - False love tempts Character.
A - Male - Character has problems with masculinity.
B - Female - Character faces feminine troubles.
C - Transgender - Character has trouble with other genders.
A - Pro - Conflicted with positive traits.
B - Con - Character has flaws.
C - Changing - Character struggles to acquire new traits.
A - Internal - Character has stressful psychotic episodes.
B - Fears - Character faces fear.
C - Motivation - Character conflicted with what motivates them.
A - Lack - Character unable to get what they want.
B - Green Grass - Character gets what they want and realises it’s not what they need.
C - Withhold - Characters desires withheld from them.
A - Basic - Character refused food, sleep, shelter et cetera.
B - Relationships - Character sheltered.
C - Dream - Character denied dream.
A - Deliver - Conflicted when delivering, persons, objects or ideas.
B - Hunt - Conflicted when gathering, persons, objects or ideas.
C - Slay - Conflicted when overcoming, defeating and killing foes.
A - Holidays - Stress over holidays.
B - Preferences - Character faces problems with choices in clothing, music, film et cetera.
C - Accomplishments - Character conflicted because of achievements.
A - Nature - Character conflicted with nature.
B - Society - Character has qualms with culture.
C - Technology - New technology raises problems.