How to Make Fantasy Games

One of the greatest parts of world building is creating your own pastimes. You can use memories of your own childhood games. It is used lots in books, often combining sports, or adding twists. Some even become real.

Your characters can have many interests. Just a few include the following: -

Indoors - Reading, Cooking, Pottery, Sculpting, Drawing, Painting, Writing, Poetry, Collecting, Craft, Baths, Theatre, Acting, Films, Music, Magic

Outdoors - Climbing, Abseiling, Hiking, Camping, Mountaineering, Orienteering, Gardening

There are hundreds of sports for citizens to partake in. This is a small amount of them. There are far too many to mention.

You can invent fantasy games, giving your world an authentic touch. Sports often have subtle differences, creating completely new fields in the sport.

•     Throwing - Javelin, Discus, Shot, Hammer, Caber
•     Running - Endurance, Sprint, Hurdles
•     Jumping - High, Long, Triple
•     Team - Football, Rugby, Basketball
•     Military - Archery, Shooting, Hunting, Fishing
•     Gymnastics - Baton, Ribbons, Aerobics, Dance
•     Net - Badminton, Volleyball, Tennis
•     Hockey - Ice, Street, Roller
•     Club - Baseball, Softball, Cricket, Rounders, Stoolball, Golf
•     Cue - Billiards, Snooker, Pool
•     Rocks - Bowling, Bowls, Curling
•     Boards - Skateboard, Snowboard, Surfing, Wakeboarding, Luge, Scooter
•     Animal - Racing, Shows
•     Machine - Robotics, Cycling, Motoring

You may wonder why I paid special attention to cards, giving them their own section. It’s because it’s so easy making a game to coincide with your fantasy story, that you may as well make one. Games can incorporate your philosophies, politics, magic and religion.

Make your world unique by creating your own games for characters to play. They could be parodies of real games. Let your mind go wild. You can also consider how people would gamble on games. People can also trade cards.

There are four main types of card game. Each type is unique due to having its own wining system. Having a winner is what defines games. Your game can consist of a combination of them.

•     Group - Collection wins.
•     Compare - Best wins.
•     Match - Same wins.
•     Shed - Out wins.