7 Artistic Styles You Need to Know

To me, the purpose of art is expressing complex ideas, usually of scientific nature, in mediums accessible to many. However, there are many functions. Letters are a basic art form.

One use is communication. People use art to change the world, or manipulate specific group’s views.

Entertainment is another function of art. People enjoy interpretation. They often align it with their own personal philosophy, which reinforces beliefs.

Counselling sessions can involve art. Often talking therapies don’t work. The act of creating, results in releasing emotional baggage, improving artists’ mental health.

Art is increasingly vital in production. The first thing a prospective buyer sees is important. Within seconds, buyers make judgements about whether they will buy products.

You can use art to boost creativity. Draw characters, scenery and objects  in your world. If you have images to work from, it helps writing descriptions.

You can draw world maps. This is useful on large scales figuring out town planning. With smaller levels, maps help deciding where rooms are located within buildings.

My art styles list is handy giving characters favourite types to differentiate them further. Some characters won’t enjoy art. Give them favourite colours. Colour brings out primal urges in people.

These are my top seven artistic styles. I think simplistic line forms, basic colour palettes and fractal shapes are beautiful. There are crossovers between art styles, just like other mediums.

Every style involves an element of realism. This is because humans create art through their own jaded perspective on life.

You don’t even need human artists. Why not have animal or plant painters? Go crazy. You are the creator!

1.            Realism - with objects
2.            Surrealism - with dreams
3.            Symbolism - with theme
4.            Impressionism - with style
5.            Expressionism - with emotion
6.            Cubism - with shape
7.            Minimalism - with colour

Happy Creations!

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Jim M